jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

postal (en construcción)

Jóvenes leyendo una carta, Francisco de Goya.

1. Letter to Memphis. The Pixies.
2. Letter to Bowie Knife. Calexico.
3. Another Day Another Letter. Boz Scaggs.
4. Carte Postal. George Pringle.
5. Letter Never Sent. REM
6. Letter from an Occupant. The New Pornographers.
7. Dr. Buck's Letter. The Fall
8. Chain Letter. Todd Rundgren.
9. Letter from Belgium. The Mountain Goats.
10. A Letter to Lulu Mae. Jay Jay Johansson.
11. Give me a Letter. Ocean Colour Scene.
12. Letter from Huntsville. Micah P. Hinson.
13. Letter Bomb. Circle Jerks.
14. The Letter. The Mekons.
15. Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis. Tom Waits.
16. Fan Mail. Blondie.
17. Letter from Tina. Ike & Tina Turner.
18. Another the Letter. Wire.
19. A Letter To Elise. The Cure.
20. Letter from Spain. Electric Light Orchestra.

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